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jckthqanimateddnm-XL Women Animated Denim Jacket – Extra Large

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Women Animated Denim Jacket
The perfect jacket for those red and black unitards. Our Harley Quinn Animated Women’s Denim Jacket also looks great while carrying a mallet, and perfectly accents ostentatious headwear sporting a diminutive duo of dangling bells. Yes, this fully denim, Harley Quinn-inspired jacket for women is made from, yes, a resilient black denim lined with skillfully stitched seams and thick metallic buttons. There’s more going on here, so let’s break it down: Harley-themed patches! Three 3 colorful, carefully embroidered patches conveying Harley’s comic book aesthetic, including her initials, a red and black heart, and a lovingly written “GOTHAM CITY” logo. A very busy back! On the jacket’s back, just under the collar, Harley’s official and embroidered logo pulled straight from the cover of Harley’s hit DC COMICS’ series. And covering most of the jacket’s surface area, a faded comic cover celebrating Harley’s animated heyday that’s right I’m totally referencing Batman: The Animated Series. Ladies, if you’re looking for the perfect jacket to tighten up that Harlequin/clown aesthetic the perfect button-up torso-wear for those 7-day heists involving explosive stuffed pandas well, you just found it.
SpecificationsSize: Extra Large
Gender: Women

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Harley Quinn


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