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Monarc Jewellery – Signature Tsavorite Stud Gold Vermeil


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Sterling silver with gold vermeil. Essential Tri-prong studs, these are super dainty, but that’s what we love about them! Perfect for any ear piercing; lobe, tragus and helix. Natural green tsavorite. Each stone measures 1.8mm in size. Solid sterling silver, finished to a full polish. Fastened with post and butterfly. Sold as a pair. Restrict the exposure of your jewellery to perfumes, hairsprays and creams. Do not expose your jewellery to household bleaches, cleaners or chlorinated water. There are many reasons for this – to prevent scratches, to avoid damage to your metal, and also to keep your jewellery and gemstones free from soap residue and build up. Clean your Monarc jewellery regularly. To do this, dilute a small amount of mild dishwashing detergent in warm water and gently wash your jewellery. A soft bristled toothbrush can be used to gently clean the piece. Soak the item for up to 10 minutes, rinse and then pat dry with a clean, soft cloth. We don’t recommend using silver polishing liquids or chemical cleaners to clean our jewellery.

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