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pjrfftvserzoomsym-s-Small -28-30 Men Flash TV Series Zoom Symbol Pajama Pants – Small 28-30

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Men Flash TV Series Zoom Symbol Pajama Pants
The official sleep pants worn by Hunter Zolomon, the psychotic, speed-addicted supervillain of Earth-2! A victim of childhood trauma, Hunter Zolomon was a serial killer hailing from Earth-2. Following the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion, Hunter was granted superhuman speed and the other wonderful abilities assigned to that particular power set. So addicted to super-speed and its acquisition through the Speed-Force energy of those similarly powered, Hunter taking the moniker Zoom crossed the Multiverse and beat the hell out of countless speedsters. And yes, that included our beloved Flash of Earth-1, Barry Allen. Our Flash TV Series Zoom Symbol Men’s Pajama Pants reflect Zoom’s all-encompassing blackness and his slightly less black symbol a corrosive variation of Flash’s inspiring bolt. Made from a soft 60% cotton and 40% Polyester, these Zoom pajama pants for men convey a stylish, simply stated evil presence. In fact, they may demand the ‘Soft-Force’ of other sleep pants to make themselves even softer. Eeeeyep. More reasons why your brand-new Zoom pajama pants are simply the coolest: Soft Oh, yeah. An elastic waistband with drawstring tie. Button-down fly, Spacious pockets.
SpecificationsSize: Small 28-30
Gender: Men

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