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RUDDOCK JEWELLERY – Amma Double Drop Earrings Gold


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Big sister to the Amma earrings, these wearable sculptures resemble fallen petals that dance together as you move, linked by a simple, elegant bar. Cast in 18 carat gold plated bronze, and alike all Ruddock jewellery these earrings are created by the method of lost wax casting, a process by which a metal duplicate is cast from an original hand-carved wax sculpture. Also available in solid sterling silver. Handcrafted in England. Please take care when wearing your gold plated jewellery to protect the layer of gold from excess wear and scratching. Although gold plated jewellery will not tarnish over time like silver, the gold appearance may slightly fade depending on wear and exposure to chemicals and cosmetics. To maintain the beauty of your pieces we recommend that you do not bathe, shower or swim whilst wearing your jewellery. Chlorine, in particular can permanently damage or discolour your gold plated jewellery. It is advisable to remove all jewellery when partaking in any physical or labour intensive activities. It is also advisable not to wear jewellery when asleep at night. Always remove your gold plate jewellery when applying perfume and cosmetics. When removed please make sure to keep all jewellery in separate pouches or boxes to prevent pieces rubbing and scratching against one another. When cleaning, very gently wipe your gold plated jewellery with a soft polishing cloth. Do not scrub or rub as this can prematurely wear away the layer of gold. After each wear, it is recommended to wipe jewellery clean with a soft, dry, lint-free polishing cloth to remove any make-up or natural skin oils.

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